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Composite Index Oracle.

by: srikanthrad500


What is the difference between a normal index and a composite index in Oracle?

  1. local bitmap index rebuild subpartition problem - …
    ORACLE 10g: There is a table that is range partitioned by month and list subpartitioned by a center ID (number). THe bitmap indexes are all local and partitioned/subpartitioned in the same manner as a corresponding table. None of the indexes is unique. There are 50 processes a day that perform table subpartition exchange on the same partition for each …
  2. Adding indexes to the table.
    What is the difference between adding two indexes and one composite index? Will there be any performance improvement of using composite index over two normal indexes?
  3. Oracle text seach and PDF documents
    I'm trying to return search results from a GeoPDF document and failing most if not all search attempts that are confirmed to be within the file. We store these and other files as blobs and searching works fine as long as it is not a GeoPDF, DOCX or secured pdf. The GeoPDF does contain the text and an example of the located text is here: ********…
  4. oracle
    When we want to insert multiple rows in oracle at once, we use following statement (see following statement). Why are we using dual table here, and why do we need that part to insert the data. INSERT ALL INTO mytable (column1, column2, column3) VALUES ('val1.1', 'val1.2', 'val1.3') INTO mytable (column…
  5. Oracle Query to split column and wrap text if stri…
    Please consider the following: I have a table with a column defined as Varchar2(4000) byte that contains comments that vary in length. Linefeeds are imbeded within the data. I am trying to parse through the text and format the rows returned so that they are no more than 40 characters in length. If a comment is > 40 characters, I w…


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