How do i create timers for an Oracle Database

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I have a query that gathers hundreds of thousands of rows in a database that has many users. I am trying to set my query to run on non-peak hours. I do not have the ability to write PL/SQL, is there a way i could do this with straight SQL? If not, what are some other methods i could look into. Please and thank you!

  1. can't connect to oracl server
    dear experts, i use oracle's sql developer tool for my queries recently it started to give me this error: ora-27101: shared memory realm does not exist i google'd it and came to a conclusion that my oracle database is not started [or loaded?] the tnslistener and names seem fine... however, the database isn't …
  2. Need Help Converting T-SQL CASE statemnt to …
    I am working in SQL Server 2005 and am LINKED to an ORACLE database using the standard code: Select * from openquery(dbname,' select * from whatever xxxxxxxxxxxx ') The below listed t-sql query statement works great for the output needed when I am working internal to SQL Server 2005. My goal is to use t…
  3. Oracle SQL query
    I am trying write a sql with sale_date vs date_paid form. (Please see Excel file attached). The attached excel tell us when the product was bought and when the payment was made. For ex: If the products were bought in sep2010 the payment could be made on sep2010 itself or made later than sep2010 (maybe oct2010, nov2010..…
  4. Problem creating Linked Server from SQL Server …
    Hi, OS: Windows XP I have SQL Server 2005 Standard installed as the default instance and I also installed SQL Server 2008 Express. Trying to create a linked server for both 2005/2008 to Oracle 10g on another Windows Server using tnsnames. SQL Server 2008 Express successfully creates it however when trying to create the linked …
  5. Query MS SQL and Oracle DB to provide a report
    With records in an Oracle database where the unique identifier is RFA# and records in a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database with the same unique identifier what's the easiest way to query both tables to provide a report. Let's say Otable has RFA#, FName, LName, City and MStable has RFA#, LastName, FirstName, EmployerName …


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