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How do i create timers for an Oracle Database

by: tracerfett125

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I have a query that gathers hundreds of thousands of rows in a database that has many users. I am trying to set my query to run on non-peak hours. I do not have the ability to write PL/SQL, is there a way i could do this with straight SQL? If not, what are some other methods i could look into. Please and thank you!

  1. how to access varray elements in a sql query
    Hi Sdstuber This is very urgent request - sorry for the trouble - I used your solution to create varray and str2tbl function when I do select str2tbl(order_id) from order_master I get dataset as result how do I access each element in the dataset - from TOAD if I double click on dataset it shows me 3 values 1-A,1-B and 1-C as 3…
  2. How to execute the Sql plan and Tracing ?
    Hello Experts Could you kindly explain that In Oracle 10gR2 RAC How to execute the Sql plan and Tracing ? like creating the plan table... Thanks & regards Dba
  3. SQL Query in Oracle
    Hi,I have the following db schema: employee(emp_id, emp_firstname, emp_lastname, emp_email, emp_phone, emp_hiredate, emp_jobid, empsalary, emp_id*) departments(dep_id, dep_name, loc_id*) locations(loc_id, loc_street, loc_city, loc_postcode) I need a query that lists identity and name (fir…
  4. Oracle SQL Query
    I need to join two tables T1 and T2 together on a common column "id" which I can do.... The relationship is a one-to-many with T1 being the 1 side and T2 being the many... T1 = id T2 = id , secidtype , secid On the UI the user can set three choices "secidtype" which define the order with …
  5. Triggers not firing - troubleshooting
    On Oracle 11g Enterprise I have rather large compound triggers that I discovered were not firing this morning (and maybe never were, I'm setting up a new server and the trigger structure worked on the old one), so I created a simpler compound trigger to test: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER "test" FOR INSERT OR DELET…


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