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Searching for newline characters in varchar

by: caddy50

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I want to find out how I can search through a varchar for newline characters and replace them with something else.  Has anyone done this before?  If so, how can I do this?

  1. Converstion of long datatype to varchar datatype
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    hi can i have a pk with varchar2 field? if not then how can it be resolved.
  4. how to search a text in a clob table column
    Hi, I have table say Table_A which has column say column_a which is of clob datatype. I want to search for a string say 'abc' in that table column . How can i search it. Any sample code, links, resources, ideas highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.
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Posted on 1997-10-09 at 08:18:00ID: 28200986

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 by: caddy

Posted on 1997-10-09 at 08:32:33ID: 28200987

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