Computed columns

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I want to create 2 columns that are computed.  However the computation for each record would be based on dividing the value for an individual record by the column total.  How can this be done.  Basically the computation is "percentage of total" for each record.

  1. how to load bcpout file with special characters to…
    I have a delimted bcpout dump file from sybase 12.5 database with columns delimited by special unique character '~' , end of record delimited by '@~@' to recognize new line of the record. Now I have to load this dump file into oracle 10g using sqlloader directly (using sqlloader built in mode like string mode etc) which recognizes end of the column, re…
  2. Keep a running total column - the current value
    Hi, I have the following query SUM(c.activation_balance) OVER (PARTITION BY ca.commission_agreement_id ORDER BY activation_date ROWS UNBOUNDED PRECEDING) What this returns is the volume of activation balances for a particular commission agreement. Th eproblem is though that it includes the current balance in the resul…
  3. Return Unique Records
    I am looking to list one occurence of a person even it there are multiple records of that person. I am also trying to evaluate . whether the returned patients have been counseld or not. I need a total of the total patient column and a total of the column that checks for counseled or not. The code I have is below
  4. total space used
    Hello, I have sql statement that displays the space used by each table in list. select a.segment_name TABLE_NAME, bytes/1048576 MEGS from user_segments a where a.segment_name in ('A','B'); This is OK but how can I calcuate the total and display at the bottom? TABLE_NAME …
  5. Trying to add column to existing table.
    Trying to add column to existing table.(Oracle 10 g) 1) This table has existing records 2) Also need to rename this table. 3) While making this addition can I specify default values for this new column for existing record. 4) And For all future new insert to this table can we restrict the possible values for this column.


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computed columns
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