Merge Statement to merge variables with table

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I know typically that when using a Merge statement, one is merging the values of one table into another.  In my case, i have the current values I want to determine if I need to insert or update but they are in variables, and not a table.  How do I use the Merge statement when right after my USING I would like to put my variables rather than a SELECT statement?

  1. MERGE statement from 2 tables into single table …
    I have 2 MERGE statements as per code below. The source tables are TMP_SKU_FCST_APRL and TMP_SKU_FCST_FWEQ. The 2 source tables have a rcrd_chng_id as primary key (a surrogate key). RCRD_CHNG_ID is defined as CAST (ROWNUM AS NUMBER(10)) for both tables. The target table prod_store also has rcrd_…
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    Merge statement is giving me ORA-00001: unique constraint (SERVMAN.CONTCTSM15611F81D) violated even when there is no rows in the table. I am very confused on what is going on. I searched the forums. Can someone either tell me how to fix this or tell me how they would write it as a procedure. I have been struggling with this for a …
  3. Temporary tables usage in select statement
    Hi, I have created a global temporary table. In the stored proc, I have defined a cursor on the temp table. After that i am inserting data into the temp table. Then i am opening the cursor, fetching values from the cursor. Then i am using the fetched data from cursor in teh where clause of a select statement of a normal table. But i am getting error …
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    I'm having general issues converting select statements into update statement in Oracle PL/SQL. With T-SQL it is far easier, but rearranging for PL/SQL I'm finding harder. Hopefully with the correct answer I can work out the general rules for converting. This is my current select statement which returns me the correct number of records I am ex…
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    Is there a view or a way to identify when and/or who is executing an alter table statement to shrink space check on a given table?


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