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Statement Triggers vs Row Triggers.

by: sbishop200

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I need to know some details about statement triggers please.
For example if i have a program that issues an Update Command that creates a number of records, a row trigger will fire once PER record updated.
A Statement level trigger will fire only once per issuing statement.  So if the UPDATE actually updates 5 rows, the trigger will only fire once.
1)  Can a Statement trigger still access values like you can in a Row Trigger - ie :NEW and :OLD record values?
How can the trigger know the details of records that actually fired it?
2)  Can I go and delete records on the same table as the trigger for Statement triggers, even if it was the INSERT of this record(that I am also wanting to delete in my stored procedure called from the trigger) that fired the trigger?  Will it matter if I use a BEFORE or AFTER trigger type to do this?

Previously I've only used ROW triggers and not Statement triggers, but I now have the need to read and delete from the same table that has the trigger on it.(via a call to a stored procedure). I need to do this to avoid mutating table errors.

What I need is to have a trigger that fires on insert or update....then, depending on the value of a field of the record that fired the trigger, call the relevant stored procedure, which will go and read the same table, then delete all of the records on it, including the row that would have fired the statement trigger.

I hope this makes sense.  Any help here will be appreciated.

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