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Load data from .txt file

Comments: 15

Dear Experts. I have got 5 .txt files. I need to read data from each file every 5 seconds, write it into ORACLE table and delete the file. Can I do this from pl/sql procedure using some oracle pack...

Record count on Database Block

Comments: 2

Hi all, I have 2 canvas (1 canvas having database block items ,2nd having control block items & FIND button also in Control block), My requirement is when i select any one of the lov and cli...

VC++ ADO and stored procedure

Comments: 2

Hi, I am migrating a VC++/SQL server app to using Oracle. The database access is implemented using ADO classes, and I have a problem very much like

Oracle Query to split column and wrap text if string exceed…

Comments: 2

Please consider the following: I have a table with a column defined as Varchar2(4000) byte that contains comments that vary in length. Linefeeds are imbeded within the data. I am tryi...

UPDATE duplicate row

Comments: 2

I'm looking for an UPDATE statement where it will update a single duplicate row only and remain the rest (duplicate rows) in Oracle or PL/SQL? Here is an example student table to work ...

Compare CLOB to a character in a SQL statement

Comments: 6

I have a SQL statement: select * from user_preferences a, employee b where a.user_id = b.employee_id and a.pref_value = 'N'; The problem is pref_key column...

Triggers not firing - troubleshooting

Comments: 14

On Oracle 11g Enterprise I have rather large compound triggers that I discovered were not firing this morning (and maybe never were, I'm setting up a new server and the trigger structure wor...

how to delete or reduce the size of the log.xml on a 11g …

Comments: 8

Hi, We are running 11g (11.1) databases on UNIX platform. The XML.log that are being generated are quite large and it creates quite a few. This is taking up precious space and causing a f...

ORA-20001: This record has been entered already

Comments: 3

Problem: Attempting to migrate data to an Special Information Type (SIT) structure using a callable API. 1. I have a API that successfully migrates data to an SIT structure for one employee...

Create a DB Link to access 1 table only

Comments: 1

I want to create a db link that will have access to only 1 remote table.

How do I select a date range in Microsoft SQL server

Comments: 5

I a using this SQL statement. However I am getting dates from before 1st January 2009. SELECT VisitNo, CustomerID, SiteID, CallOutNo, visit_id, call_date, despatch_date, CAS...

How to write query for this one?

Comments: 7

I have two tables domain n details: domain has domainID and detailID (both are foreign keys), domainID is referenceing to primary key of another XYZ table. And detailID referencing to detai...

How do i create timers for an Oracle Database

Comments: 1

I have a query that gathers hundreds of thousands of rows in a database that has many users. I am trying to set my query to run on non-peak hours. I do not have the ability to write PL/SQL, is there ...

Optimise the SQl Query

Comments: 4

Hi, Could anyone suggest me in optimising the below query. Query: SELECT, w.defgrp, w.crusr, w.firstname, w.lastname,NVL(SUM(w.appt_cnt), 0...

Oracle COMMIT Architechture

Comments: 17

Hi EE, This question was asked by someone who interviewed me. A process is trying to update 1 table and it 2 days to complete. If I issue COMMIT, approximately how much time will...

Controlfile autobackup on

Comments: 8

Hey in RMAN. I have configure Controlfile autobackup on but I don't know why is it getting off automatically. I don't know why is that happening. I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance

Difference between .sql file and .bat file

Comments: 5

As for my knowledge, I think .bat files are used to run multiple .sql files in the particular order. But we can do this by writing a simple .sql file also, like my xvz.sql contains: set echo on...

Recovery catalog

Comments: 4

I need to create recovery catalog for RMAN backps on new database instead of using the same database. I would appreciate your help. thanks in advance

query collection (IN Clause)

Comments: 8

I have a collection (local collection with in plsql). I wanted it to be include in the query's IN clause. example: FUNCTION CHECKLTASKSTATUSPERID( Id number) RETU...

Materialized view

Comments: 15

I am new creating and using materialized view. I wanted to create the materialized view of type "ON COMMIT REFRESH" since I wanted to get the Materialized view refreshed whenever the base tables ...


Comments: 15

How can I find DBID for oracle database


Comments: 2

Hey I am getting the below error. I really appreciate your help channel ORA_DISK_1: starting piece 1 at 15-NOV-10 RMAN-00571: ======================...


Comments: 27

Hey When I am trying to restore spfile getting the below error. I really appreciate your help. RMAN> set DBID=2428108270 executing command: SET DBID RMAN> restor...

How do I insert data into my existing table that already has …

Comments: 7

I have a table that already have data within it, but some of my rows do not have data within them. These rows with no data have nulls within them and I'd like to replace the nulls with actual data. ...

How to copy Oracle Apex 4.0 application to new Oracle …

Comments: 10

I'm trying to copy Apex Applications and scheme with data from one oracle instance to another. I use expdp/impdp :

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