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Oracle batch id generation

Comments: 2

Hi I want to generate a unique batch number based on the Oracle sysdate. For example, if the date is 14/02/2015 then batch id should be 1 and for the following day it should be increm...

Insert sql not inserting

Comments: 5

Hi i have following insert statement insert into cal_EMP VALUES(74415,2,'CALWEC','CALMAIN','PARENT'); is not inserting is been 55 mins trying to insert it does not show any erro...

Extract year

Comments: 9

Hi how can i extract year for example how can i get list of all employee hired in year 2002

Load data from .txt file

Comments: 15

Dear Experts. I have got 5 .txt files. I need to read data from each file every 5 seconds, write it into ORACLE table and delete the file. Can I do this from pl/sql procedure using some oracle pack...

Record count on Database Block

Comments: 2

Hi all, I have 2 canvas (1 canvas having database block items ,2nd having control block items & FIND button also in Control block), My requirement is when i select any one of the lov and cli...

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